This is a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition campaign world inspired by Celtic lore and mythology. It takes place on Danann, a world covered in wilderness and riddled with danger. Despite that, there are several civilizations; some familiar to us and some very alien.
Imagine fending off a band of armed rogues on the trade routes winding across Cymru so that they will not take a merchant’s hard earned wares. Imagine swarms of men watching the spectacle of a pit fight in Kernow after working in the mines and smelting houses all day. Imagine a great army marching across the fields that not long ago were growing the harvest of Mercia, and soon will once again drink the blood of enemies of the Brythonic Crown. Imagine turning a corner through the stony passes of the Creag Droma and finding yourself face-to-face with a great scaly Beithir as lightning flashes across the stormy sky over the highlands of Albion. Imagine being out on the rolling hills of Éire late at night and hearing the keening wail of one of the Bean Sìdhe, sending a shiver up your spine as she laments your death. Imagine the feeling of the breeze at the foot of one of the great oaks on the Isle of Lir, as you council the visiting lord on the recent attacks by the Wild Hunt. Imagine looking up from a thick tome on sympathetic arcanology to view the vistas of the lands slipping beneath the floating island where you reside.

This is Danann.


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