Fomoiri (Outsiders)

Twisted, vile, corrupt, abhorrent, deceitful, virulent, wretched, hateful. These are just a few of the many words that describe the multitude of the incredibly evil aberrations known as the fomoiri, but not one of them describes the race in its entirety. Creatures from the abyssal unknown beyond the stars, the liquid space of swirling chaos and shifting thought made form, the fomoiri can be divided into three types: The lesser, the greater, and the Nether Ones.

The Nether Ones

Beings of unimaginable power, the Nether Ones are only kept from once again attaining contact with the very spirit of Danann by the the Ancients of the sidhe. To behold these masses of deranged intention would send a mortal mad with despair and wonder. They wish for nothing more than to reclaim their sister from what they consider the shackles of order and have created others and somehow smuggled them past the Ancients’ defenses to further their destructive ambitions upon the world. It was their influence that unraveled the Old World and snapped the pathways bridging it to Danann into a million pieces of shattered light.


The Greater Fomoiri

Smothering creatures that look to be the fevered dreams of the mad, the greater fomoiri seem to have no intelligent design for the world other than predation, destruction, and infestation. They are beasts of pure malice, hungry for the raw essence of the living world surrounding them. Thankfully they rarely ever work in concert with one another or the lesser fomoiri, for if they did the peoples of Danann would have been swept aside long ago.


The Lesser Fomoiri

Humanoid beings of great physical or mystical power, they have aligned themselves into tribes to spread the decay and bloodshed that their gods, the Nether Ones, desire so terribly. They seem to have been created as a mocking parody of the native races of Danann, showcasing antithetical ideologies such as hideous rage against the beautiful elegance of the sidhe or brutal sundering against the gentle nurturing of the firbolg.


Fomoiri (Outsiders)

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