Sìdhe Realms

Forests of Summer

Light cascading through leaves of green and gold in the canopy above, alights upon the moss covered rocks and thick ferns of the forest floor. Vines, like thick tendrils hang from above and the damp smell of recent rain pervades everything. Gently curving archways of patiently trained tree boughs and the carefully carved steps winding up the trunk of a massive and ancient old tree indicate the location of a settlement in the branches above.


The Summer Court makes its homes in the great forests of the northwest. Hunting amongst its boughs and underbrush, like the shadows of the leaves they dance among. They study the flow of life between the plants and animals or the weather patterns that slip over the canopy above.

Fields of Winter

Biting wind whipping the snow into a frenzy of blinding white crystals, bites at any exposed skin. Pulsing light tantalizes from the corner of the eye, as the mind reels from the exhaustion of trudging across frigid, ice-encrusted vistas. Finding a sheltering cave provides new dangers in the form of woolly beasts with gore frozen to their fur from previous kills. Deeper still into the caves under the snowfields are warm homes lit by fire and strange luminescent lifeforms and fungi.


The Winter Court Sìdhe while away the hours of the great snow storms of the south underground and walk the fields and tundra above when it is calmer. They are guardians of the frozen passes through the Wraith’s Teeth Mountains and are unsurpassed in navigating the malaise of bone chilling wastes, able to disappear into the icy mists like specters.

Sìdhe Realms

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